MAS10A Letter to publisher

MAS10A Letter to publisher - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #2...

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Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #2 Dear Publisher, I recently had the opportunity to review a book published by your company. The book is entitled Mexico and was written by Robert Quirk. Upon review of this text, I feel there should be some changes made to Quirk’s work, should your company choose to reprint it. While I would not want to take away from the selection of books that discuss Mexican history, there are certain aspects of this book that need to be revised in order to relay the history in a more nonbiased, less Eurocentric manner. There is one selection in the book I would like to use as example. The passage reads, “… Aztec priests slew countless thousands of human victims… the priests themselves reeked of the blood of those sacrificed to keep Huitzilopochtli in his daily rounds as the Lord of the Sun…To secure victims for the insatiable gods, the Aztecs made war on their hapless neighbors…It was indeed a vicious and tragic circle…” The manner in which this history is reported, however true, is quite misleading. The
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MAS10A Letter to publisher - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #2...

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