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AMERICAN STUDIES 169: THE AMERICAN DREAM SOLIDARITY REPORT –GUENTER This Area S course asks you to focus upon the struggles different groups and individuals have gone through—and continue to endure—in their quests for social justice and equality. Sometimes the systems in which they have operated have had inequalities embedded in the very structure of organizations, practices, or traditions. For this assignment, you are to select and learn more about a particular incident or event that had repercussions for advancing the cause in the struggle for equality or social justice for some people or group in America, past or present, in one of these following categories of cultural markers: religion, gender, ethnicity, race, class, sexual orientation, disability, age. For your focus, please pick an event or incident that is part of a larger process or struggle. Do not write a biographical sketch or prepare a general overview, and do not return to an incident you have adequately covered in an earlier class. Choose something
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169+Solidarity+Report+Spring+2010 - AMERICAN STUDIES 169:...

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