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5_station_image_promo - File your promo in the RTVF 150...

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Station Imaging Promo Points_________/15 Name___________________ Bonus (Nick Martinez)______(+5) Create a station promo for KSJS . This promo is to incite people to listen to the radio station, KSJS 90.5FM. Your promo must have these elements: 1) Station call letters and dial position mentioned at least twice. 2) Must incite listener to listen to station, or inform listener about station, or evoke an impression about station. 3) At least 2 pieces of music or FX. 4) Be creative! Promo must be either 30 seconds or 60 seconds in length, +/-:02.
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Unformatted text preview: File your promo in the RTVF 150 Thursday Folder Return this paper to instructor when handing in this assignment. Due next week.----------------------------------------------------------Production Value (5 points): Levels, Mix, Did production elements enhance the overall message? Content (5 points): Dial Position & Call letters (2) Call to Action (1) 2 Pieces of music or SFX (2) Entertainment Value How interesting was this promo in both copy & production elements? (5)...
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