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254 S10 Syllabus - San Jos State University Psychology 254...

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Social Psychology, Psyc 254,Spring 2010 Page 1 of 9 San José State University Psychology 254: Social Psychology Seminar Spring 2010 A Note Regarding Furloughs & Their Impact on the Course Due to the California budget crisis, the CSU faculty and many staff members have been furloughed. Implementation of a furlough for faculty is complicated. In theory, the current furlough calls for a 10% reduction in work time, which translates, generally, to 2 days per month of non-work. The implications of the furlough for the course are unclear. Students might expect changes to the course schedule, or delays in assignment feedback and grades, among other consequences. Nevertheless, instructors will work to find reasonable accommodations with student needs, faculty obligations, and furlough requirements. Instructor Information Instructor Clifton M. Oyamot Office DMH 314 Phone (408) 924-5650 Email Mail function through course Blackboard or [email protected] Course Hours Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10:30 - 11:45, DMH 308 Office Hours Mondays & Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:15, or by appointment Contacting Instructor 1. I will answer emails M - F, 9:00 - 5:00. If you email me at night or on the weekends, do not expect a response until the next weekday, at the earliest. 2. Through Blackboard mail function. Best for questions and comments that you wish to remain private. 3. Through Blackboard discussion board. Best for questions about the course that need not remain private. Chances are others have the same questions you have. 4. Through regular email . If you’ve tried contacting me via Blackboard but have not received a reply in a reasonable amount of time (2 – 3 days), or if you need to contact me quickly, please use my regular email account: [email protected] . 5. By phone. Best if you need to contact me quickly and cannot use email at the time.
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Social Psychology, Psyc 254,Spring 2010 Page 2 of 9 Course Description Welcome to Social Psychology Seminar . In this graduate course we will examine theories, problems and issues in the study of human social behavior from a social psychological perspective. Typical definitions of social psychology are variants on the idea that our behaviors (thoughts, feelings, and actions) are influenced by the presence (real, imagined, or implied) of other people. Social psychology offers a unique perspective on love & lust, hate & heroism, who you are, and many other topics. Social psychological research is extensive, and this course is not intended to be an exhaustive survey of the field. Instead, we will focus on several representative topics in the field of social psychology with the goal of familiarizing students with the “style” of social psychological inquiry. The class is structured to illustrate the empirical and theoretical progression of theories and ideas in social psychology. The typical progression of readings for each topic will move from classic studies in an area, to representative studies illustrating how understanding of the topic/theory evolved, to applications of the topic/theory.
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