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POLS001 - Policy Paper Assignment

POLS001 - Policy Paper Assignment - ± An introduction and...

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POLS001 – Summer 2010 Prof. Jackson Paper 3 Assignment Policy Research Paper (50 points) DUE online at turnitin.com AND in class Wednesday, July 7 th For this paper, you should choose a policy issue that interests you. It can be a domestic policy issue, such as education or health care, an international policy issue such as the War on Terror, or a California state policy issue such as same sex marriage rights, or education funding (just to name a few). First, research the issue using newspaper or magazine articles, to get an overview and background information on the issue. Next, research different proposals for policy change, or support or criticism of current U.S. or state government policy on this issue, using media and scholarly sources. Ask me if you need help finding sources, or schedule a meeting with the political science librarian Crystal Goldman (contact info in syllabus). Write a five page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) that includes the following:
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Unformatted text preview: ± An introduction and description of the issue – why is this issue interesting and important? What is happening with this issue right now? ± A description and critical evaluation of the different policy proposals, or support/criticism of the current policy. What are the different arguments on either side of this issue? Which political parties or interest groups support different positions on this issue, and why? ± Finally, describe your own position on this issue. What do you think U.S. or state government policy on this issue should be, and why? (Note: This last section of the paper is where you should express your own “take” on the issue. In the earlier parts of the paper, you should provide an objective, balanced consideration of the issue based on facts and evidence– NOT just your opinion.) ± Be sure to cite all sources in the text where appropriate using the (author date, page #) format, AND in a works cited page at the end of the paper....
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