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parentchild relationship

parentchild relationship - Summary chart of faulty...

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Unformatted text preview: Summary chart of faulty parent-child relationships Parent’s undesirable condition Possible effects on personality development of child Feelings of insecurity and isolation. Attentiomseeldng, negativistic, hostile behavior. Unable to give and receive affection. Over protective-indulgence Selfish, demanding, with inability to tolerate frustration. Rebellious to authority, excessive need of attention, lack of responsibility. ' Inability to separate. Over protective-domination Submissive, inadequate, lack of initiative, tendency to passive dependency in relations with others. - Overly high Rigid and extreme development. Tends t . moral standards 0 rigidity, severe conflicts, guilt, self—condemnation and devaluation. Excessively severe discipline Inconsistent discipline Inadequate development of consistent ego values. Tends to be inconsistent and to vacillate in meeting problems. Amdety, tension, insecurity, lack of secure homebase, tendency to see world as dangerous and insecure place. Abandonment or divorce Insecurity, isolation, conflicting loyalties, lack of adequate models for proper ego development. Sibling rivalry Direct or indirect hostility, insemrity, lack of self—confidence, regression Tendency of child to adopt fears, insecurities, and neurotic defenses of parent(s). Perfectionism-unrealistic ambitions for the child Intemalization of unethical and socially undesirable attitudes, which frequently lead to difficulties with the law Child internalizes parents' unrealistic standards. Inevitablefailure leads to continual frustration, guilt, and self-devaluation The Northern California Gifldrcn 5' Family Services Training Acadmy 60 Care Progtmn, Human Development and Behavior, Day! ...
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