Cm 20 S10-Media Literacy Speech Instructions

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Speech I – Media Literacy Speech 125 Points Time Limit: 3-5 minut es Your assignment for this speech is to present an informative speech on a significant and challenging article found in a magazine. This topic must be approved by me and may not be changed without prior approval. Be sure to adequately develop your main points and still fit within the time limit. Your speech must be informative and not attempt to persuade. You should provide ample support for your statements and be sure to cite your source in the speech (you may put a brief reference in parentheses in your outline and in your speech notes.) A complete citation for your magazine article must be included in your bibliography. Your bibliography must be attached to your outline. Be sure to use correct APA bibliographic form. Delivery good volume clear and understandable delivery good pacing effective gestures and facial expressions
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Unformatted text preview: • good posture • visual aids where appropriate • eye contact should include the whole room Outline typed consistent use of symbols and indentation no more than one sentence per point thesis statement (labeled) must be a single declarative sentence must reflect the major ideas of the speech introduction must be written in paragraph form label the three parts main points should be phrased as single declarative sentences should be directly related to the thesis statement should be mutually exclusive but equal in importance should be phrased in concise parallel language supporting materials label two direct quotations from your magazine article conclusion written in paragraph form label the three parts bibliography include the citation for your magazine article complete citation according to APA format...
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