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MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE Midterm is worth 40 points You should be able to identify, explain and/or apply the following concepts: Common spelling errors Misused words Plurals Negatives Basic sentence structure Comma Separating main elements of the sentence Setting off parenthetical elements from the rest of the sentence Separating elements in a series Setting off dialogue or quotations Semicolon Separating elements, when a comma would be insufficient or unclear Linking elements as an alternative to joining them with a conjunction or breaking them into two sentences
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Unformatted text preview: Colon: introducing the text that follows, strengthening connections or adding emphasis Period Question mark Parentheses Working in digressions Making complex text easier to follow Setting off minor details Quotation marks Setting off dialogue Setting off citations Setting off words that are meant in a special way Setting off titles Dash (em dash) Marking off a descriptive element or digression Marking an abrupt break in structure or turn in content Subject/verb agreement Modifiers Pronouns...
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