3-20-08 GM vs. Ford - 3-20-2008I.Ford a.Started in...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-20-2008I.Ford a.Started in 1902b.did not follow a managerial Structure and GM over took them in the marketc.Ford I will build the moto car for the great economy, and will be big enough for the family or individual and will be d.Model T was the first car of Ford and was a great success and a very successful cari.Suitable for gravel roadsii.Was so successful that by the mid 20s had sold over 15 million unitse.Mass Production - Ford revolutionized the industry in two waysi.Interchangeability1.Thousands and hundreds of thousands parts that are the exact same.a.Arms industry was the first to introduce interchangeabilityii.Assembly line1.Most important thing at the time was efficiency2.In the beginning the line did not move and then it could be raised and lowered for the height of the workersiii. Vertical Integration1.Even bought the rubber manufacturer in the Amazonf.Never thought about an organizational structureII. Creation of GMa.By a carriage manufacturer. Will Durant b.In the beginning Gm did not pay attention to organizational needs at firstc.Crisis of 1920i.Company lost 100 million dollarsd.Alfred Sloan came in to save the day as CEO and set up a management structureIII. Alfred Sloan - engineera.Analyzed GM and concluded that a centralized structure is out of the question.b.Wanted independent divisionsi.Initiative and innovationc.Limits the # of executives reporting to the CEO (narrow Span)d.Delegates to Senior managers absolute responsibilityi.he believes each manager under this structure will maximize productivitye.Sets up a Product divisional structuref.Development of financial controli.Good because the CEO can look at each division and compare the products separatelyii.Can evaluate the divisions and the managers4-3-08Motivation and Job DesignI.Job enlargement a.Make a persons job by giving them more stuff to do given their present skill setII.Job Enrichmenta.Make a persons job bigger by giving them new tasks that are not related to their skill seti.A typer becoming the editorIII.Team leadershipa.Social Loafing when someone in the team doesnt pull their own.i.Managers can avoid this through: sales quota, production evaluations, assign responsibility and make it public, rewardingii.Cohesiveness can help avoid this - the person who organizes the team must think aheadb.Team compensationi.Heterogeneous vs. homogenous1.Heterogeneous works better....
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3-20-08 GM vs. Ford - 3-20-2008I.Ford a.Started in...

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