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READINGS FOR MARCH 10 - 7 William Austin “Satie before...

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MODERNISM MARCH 10 READINGS (all PDF) 1. Georges Hugnet and Margaret Scolari, “Dada” 2. Irene E. Hofmann, “Documents of Dada and Surrealism: Dada and Surrealist Journals in the Mary Reynolds Collection” 3. “Dadaism and Surrealism,” Albright, 309-336: ALL 4. O. B. Hardison Jr., “Dada, the Poetry of Nothing, and the Modern World” 5. Alan M. Gillmor, “Erik Satie and the Concept of the Avant-Garde” 6. Nigel Wilkins and Erik Satie. “Erik Satie's Letters to Milhaud and Others”
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Unformatted text preview: 7. William Austin, “Satie before and after Cocteau” 8. Jann Pasler, “New Music as Confrontation: The Musical Sources of Jean Cocteau's Identity” 9. Norman Peterkin, “Erik Satie's 'Parade'” 10. Rudhyar D. Chennevière and Frederick H. Martens, “Erik Satie and the Music of Irony” 11. Douglas W. Gallez, “Satie's Entr'acte. A Model of Film Music” MUSIC (all PDF) 1. Satie, Parade 2. Satie, Cinema 3. Satie, Embryons Desséches : No. 3, “de Pedophthalma ”...
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