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173B – Final Exam Project – “The Task” Create a fictitious start-up: Something you always thought someone should start, a competitor to your “pet peeve” company whose products or service don’t live up to expectations, or a business you would like to start some day because it would be fun rather than work. A. Create ramped up first year financials by month (similar to the SCORE templates). Spell out all of your assumptions. 1. What is your initial investment in property, plant, equipment, permits, lease deposits, recruiting etc. etc. etc.? 2. What will be on-going expenses and which month will they kick in? Rent, insurance, salaries and salary related, etc. etc. etc. Monthly forecast for the first year built up from detailed assumptions and then also shown quarterly - use quarterlies for graphics about 1 st year. 3. What is your business and your revenue model? sales of product, service, memberships, etc. When do you get your first sale/s for each type and how quickly will it build volume up during the first year? What streams of revenue do you generate? Are the streams equally profitable at the Gross Margin Level? Do they grow
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FinalExamPresProjectDescriptionPROF - 173B Final Exam...

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