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One Woman’s Partial and Idiosyncratic Guide to Recent Literature in Sociology of Religion Prepared by Nancy T. Ammerman* Northeast Regional Faculty Conference on Religion and American History Nov, 2001 – Yale U *Dr Ammerman is teaching at Boston University and can be emailed at [email protected] . In the fall of 2001, a group of historians of American religion gathered from around the New England region, as they do each year, at Yale University. They asked me to talk to them about "what historians ought to be reading in sociology of religion." With such a wide-open invitation, I felt free to talk about the field as I see it, and the following list reflects my own take on how one might think about the issues and topics that have been at the forefront of the field. Because these were historians, I tried to think about questions that have been addressed over time, looking for how sociologists are contributing to our on-going understanding of how American religion has evolved. Two guidelines further limited and shaped the list. First, I chose primarily monographic literature – books that give an extended treatment, rather than more specialized and limited articles. There are, however, a few key exceptions you will note. Likewise, I chose primarily material that has been published in roughly the last 10 years. Clearly there are many classics that any student of the field ought to read, but for this list I wanted to bring people up to date, assuming that Weber, Marx, and Durkheim (and probably Neibuhr and Berger) were already on their shelves. Again, there are a few key exceptions, especially a few older items that might not previously have been thought of as required classics. So, this list attempts to do two things. It provides a relatively short list of topics and issues that sociologists of religion have been thinking about. And for each, it provides a relatively short list of books that can give the reader an introduction to the findings and debates that have been informing us. Enjoy! I. Theoretical Debates Secularization Rational Choice Theory Practices and Narratives - 'Lived Religion' II. Current trends and Hot Topics Baby Boomers New Religious Movements The Margins The Cutting Edges? Women Religion and Family Religion, Politics, Change, and Civil Society New Christian Right III. The Changing Religious Landscape The Black Churches Changing American Catholics Diverse and Changing Jews The New Immigrants Congregations IV. Older Religious Organizations and Groups Issues of Change and Conflict
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I. The Theoretical Debates Secularization Beckford, J. (2000). "'Start Together and Finish Together': Shifts in the Premises and Paradigms Underlying the Scientific Study of Religion." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 39(4): 481-96. Berger, P. L. (1969).
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Sociology_of_Rel_Bibliography - One Woman's Partial and...

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