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See comment about “kick-start” below!!!!!! You will use Internet, Blackboard and Microsoft Office Suite weekly or daily Class “break” is at the end of class. (Class runs about 5:30 to 7:55 +/-) Office: BT 961 Telephone-voicemail (only during office hours; do NOT leave messages) 408 924 1341 FAX 408 924 3463 Office Hours – Any changes/temporary absences longer than 2 min will be posted on office door or web page or both. I keep door closed, so knock on door. Wednesdays 12:20 to 1:20 and 4:20-5:20 See below for Office Hour Policies On the three on-line days, ALL office hours will also be "on-line" Email (reliable) D2L e-mail to be used for all communication. Web CT Links: See E-Campus Materials Required: Pasewark: Structured Analysis (latest edition). This will be used several times over and you will want to use for preparing for job interviews. Download the Excel template, please. In addition to doing assigned homework, you will need a legal copy during 3 quizzes. No sharing or copies allowed. Required: Lundholm, Sloan: Equity Valuation and Analysis book and CD with at least one team member updating. You will need this book for homework as well as during 3 quizzes. NO sharing or copies allowed. Recommended: Any 170 book, any 173A book, preferably Brigham 9 th Ed with CD, the Excel samples are very helpful. Or the Excel Modeling and Estimation In Corporate Finance book Various 10K etc. downloaded from the Internet. Class Meets BBC 108 5:30 to 7:55 +/- (break at end) Pre-requisites: Bus 170 and Bus 173A with C or above
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KICK START/WORKLOAD Class gets off to a strong “kick-start” with very significant amount of work in the first weeks of semester. Workload averages to normal A&F requirements as it is lighter during the presentation weeks. And you will be “done” except for presenting, writing a learning summary, peer evaluations, and attending all final exam presentations by the start of the final exam presentations. (Point penalty for not attending everyone’s final exam presentations) This class is a lot of work, BUT you learn a ton of practical tools and techniques that you may not appreciate until you have been working for a few months. Most students have a lot of fun during the final exam project. And I am always impressed by the creativity of the students. I will share some comments from past students in the first class session. INTERNET, BLACKBOARD AND MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE REQUIREMENT This class requires the use of Internet for downloading many company financial filings and other information, checking Blackboard e-mail and sending homework to it at a minimum once a week. See Blackboard Class Page for Instructions on Homework Assignment Attachments. You will need to use of Excel to do forecasts and calculations and PowerPoint for Presentations. Word may be used for some homework assignments. All will need to be sent to Blackboard e-mail ahead of deadlines. I use Blackboard e-mail to send communications to the whole class as well individual communication.
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AVB173B-Syllabus - San Jose State University School College...

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