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The FruttiVeggi Place Facts The FruttiVeggi Place is a produce retailer with 5 locations in the San Jose area. • Originally a family owned store founded by Addmore Misercordia in 1911. • Expanded from its original location to four more neighborhood locations in 1991 by the original founder’s great-granddaughter, Horsegrine Nutt. The FruttiVeggi Place has been continuously owned and managed by five generations of the Misercordia- Harrarre- Nutt family. All locations are still managed by Harrarres or Nutts. The original store always carried local produce. In the 1940’s the family began to invest in farm land, and now Misercordia Farms is a major central valley grower with one of the largest growing acreages owned by a privately held corporation in California. Today all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts sold at The FruttiVeggi Place are grown on Misercordia Farms. The original farmer from this family, Elihu Misercordia, bought his first farm in 1946 and continued to purchase adjoining land through the 1970’s. Elihu’s son, Elfrankenfeld, developed the famous Misercordia Citrus in the mid-1950’s by cross-pollinating
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