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COMM 174: EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT Assignment due : See course syllabus. Points : Worth up to twenty points For this assignment, you are to conduct a critical analysis of a film, as a cultural context , focusing on several scenes that you think are most important to the plot. Answer THREE (3) sets of questions while incorporating our class readings and examples from the movie. Please keep the length between 3 to 5 double spaced pages. Choose one of the following movies to analyze: DeBlois, D., & Sanders, C. (Directors). (2002). Lilo and stitch [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Walt Disney. Fletcher, A. (Director). (2006). Step up [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Touchstone/Disney. Lee, A. (Director). (2006). Brokeback mountain [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Universal. Mehta, D. (Director). (2006). Water [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Fox Searchlight Pictures. Nair, M. (Director). (2002). Monsoon wedding [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Universal. Nair, M. (Director). (2006). Namesake [MOTION PICTURE]. United States: Fox Searchlight Pictures.
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