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SanQ_Dress - We have a few rules and a dress code as...

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We have a few rules and a dress code as follows: Valid picture identification must be carried and presented upon request No persons under the age of 18 years. No recording devices of any kind. No cell phones, pagers, or cameras. No weapons of any kind (weapons can be checked in at the East Gate). No tobacco products or any kind No cigarette lighters or matches Unless medically necessary , no handbags, purses, backpacks, etc. (wallets are okay) During rainy weather or where rain is imminent, a guest may bring an umbrella : Umbrellas should be compact or collapsible models, not exceeding 18 inches in length when collapsed. Umbrellas with pointed ends are not allowed. Umbrellas may only be carried during inclement weather and will be secured in such a manner to preclude loss or theft. The following types of clothing are prohibited for tour visitors: 1. Clothing that resembles state issued inmate clothing: A. No blue denim pants, blue shirts or blue jackets or shorts (of any color).
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  • Dexheimer,Dan
  • Trousers, blue denim pants, grey denim pants, weightlifter pants H., blue denim material, Black denim slacks

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