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San Jose State University Department of Anthropology ANTH 100w Dr. Reckmeyer Writing Workshop Spring 2009 Research Paper - Evaluation Form - Student Topic Grade Evaluation Criteria Score Content (15 %) Organization (15 %) Composition (40 %) Sources (15 %) Presentation (5 %) Overall Impact (10 %) Total (100 %) NOTE : Papers must be submitted in proper academic format for the field of anthropology as specified in the AAA Style Guide and as exemplified in the associated template for this paper. Papers that do not comply with all of the required editorial standards for the major formatting elements (title pages, margins, page numbers, citations, and bibliography) will be returned unread and considered late. Papers will be penalized 10% each week they are late, as specified in the greensheet for this course. A+ = 97-100 B+ = 87-89 C+ = 77-79 D+ = 67-69 F = 0-59 A = 93-96 B = 83-86 C = 73-76 D = 63-66 A- = 90-92 B- = 80-82 C- = 70-72 D- = 60-62
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ANTH 100w Research Paper - Evaluation Rubric- Content (Max = 15 %) Outstanding (14-15) Very Good (12-13) Adequate (10-11) Inadequate (8-9) Unacceptable (0-7) Paper addresses topic in a very rigorous and balanced way. Paper addresses topic in a fairly rigorous and balanced way. Paper addresses topic in a marginally rigorous and balanced way. Paper addresses topic in a less than rigorous and a poorly balanced way. Paper fails to adequately address topic in a rigorous and balanced way. The paper should address the assigned topic in a rigorous (thoughtful analysis) and balanced (breadth and depth) way – making salient points (relevant and important) that are insightful (original ideas and views), supported with appropriate details (evidence, examples, and/or logic), and methodologically sound (tools and techniques). Your paper has be a substantial research effort (12-14 pages) that targets a social issue of interest to scholarly audiences in Anthropology, Behavioral Science, or the social sciences in general.
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