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Vala 1 Hartigan-O’Connor History/P.S. 15B 4/23/07 Coming of Age in Mississippi: At What Point Does One Realize? The most indestructible implement of life is a person’s emotions, because it is merely impossible to avoid. Human beings are individuals who have their own level of sensitivity and feelings that another person cannot be similar too. We feel that everyone wants to be happy all the time, but understand life has its challenges. In a country that is constantly growing, people try their best to make the United States a better place for everyone. Today, people have equal and freedom rights that allow them to speak their mind about any topic, to any degree. People will want to be heard when they are trying to make a difference, and this is why activists say that “the personal is political.” I agree with this idea because I feel the “personal” refers to persons’ emotions and experiences. Meanwhile, the “political” is a one’s concern and personal position on life of our country’s citizens. Now, it is very likely that the people who are striving for a change have undergone an absolute ordeal. Civil Rights activists have been working towards establishing equality among people with no regards to one’s race, color, or sex. The activists make their differences primarily through their experiences and generalizations. For example, Rosa Parks was hurt emotionally by the white male who asked for her seat. Then her emotions got the best of her, and she went on to make a political difference because she could not stand for the treatment any longer. In accordance to Coming of Age on Mississippi , Anne Moody writes about her life as a poor black living in the South. Initially, her early life experiences demonstrate how she was influenced in her later politics. Then as Moody was older, she went on to pursue all the political views she held.
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Vala 2 As Moody got older, she began having her own opinions. She went off in the direction of an activist as she separated from her immediate family. In her autobiography, Moody describes her childhood as she felt at the time. The
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canne moody - Vala 1 Hartigan-O'Connor History/P.S. 15B...

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