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informative outline revision - Comm 20 Informative Speech...

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April 21, 2009 Comm. 20 Informative Speech Topic: Body Language Organization Pattern: Topical Pattern Specific Purpose: To enhance the audience’s knowledge about body language, specifically focusing on a party parts that show emotion. Primary Audience Outcome: The audience will be able to walk out of the classroom with a more effective understanding of what emotions are shown in body language and what to look for. Thesis: In a social situation, it can be very helpful for you to understand how the body coordinates in unison to express different emotions through gestures, postures, and especially facial expressions. INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: My attention getter is a silent demonstration of my personal body language. I will hold up index cards that display emotions and demonstrate them through body language. I will include emotions such as excitement, being pissed off, and jokingly include other things such as p.m.s. or an imitation of a classmate. (Humor/activity) Psychological Orientation: It’s social chaos out there. How do you know what people are thinking, feeling, wanting, needing? Don’t you wish you could just read minds? Well reading body language is the realistic alternative. Being more knowledgeable about the signs of body language will help you understand your family, friends, and everyone else in your life a little bit better when it matters most. Knowing a more about body language will help you anticipate emotions, read situations, and do the right thing accordingly. Logical Orientation:
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informative outline revision - Comm 20 Informative Speech...

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