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green_106_s07 - dsgd 106 106 advanced graphic design spring...

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106 weekly project: choose a topic that has societal or environmental significance. you should have great interest in this topic and be eager to research it throughout the semester. each wednesday, present a 5 inch square interpretation of your topic mounted on a 10 inch square surface. use imagery, metaphor, and real statistical data to prove the quantitative as well as the emotional significance of your topic. in this assignment, explore approaches to information that you are not accustomed to. information should be presented in relevant but unexpected situations and created out of unex- pected materials. wherever possible, imagery should be of your own creation. the first square is due on february 7, and the last one is due april 18 (ten total). the final presentation of the physical squares in some bound or packaged form will be made on mon- day, may 14. any element may be reworked for this presentation. an additional animated composition of 10 seconds or more in duration is to be presented at the scheduled final exam time— thursday, may 17, at 12:15p.m. this motion graphic may be pro- duced by any method necessary, with final presentation playable using quicktime on Mac OS.
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