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HIST 100W DON Final Paper Assignment The final and third paper in this course, worth 260 points in all, is open topic. This means that you need to select your topic and locate your primary sources. It is 15 pages long, double-spaced plus cover sheet and bibliography and must include primary source(s) and at least 10 secondary sources. Below is a list of deadlines for the paper. March 22 Third Paper Information Sheet The typed information sheet should include the topic, historical question, tentative thesis, and primary source(s). Please include your email address so that I can get ahold of you quickly if there are problems you should address. Spring Break Primary Source Research You should be doing almost all of your research in terms of gathering or ordering your primary and secondary sources, so that you can compose the working bibliography. In-class Presentation (25 points) The written portion of the in-class presentation should be two pages long, single-spaced and include the following items. First page should include the topic, the historical question, the
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