4-6-09 movie notes Maasai Women

4-6-09 movie notes Maasai Women - warriors(18 and women...

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Movie Notes Maasai Women - Maasai are animal herders and hate hunting of any kind - Women cannot have any rights to any of the animals that the man owns. - Long story short, chicks are the mens bitch in the masaai. They do all the chores and even build houses for the men. - Men and women both get circumcised when they enter adulthood. - Age difference in marriage is huge between guys and girls. Men can marry when theyre
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Unformatted text preview: warriors (18+) and women marry young.-The women watch the cows and what not just so they end up giving them to her son.-The sons will take over their herds when they are older-If the husband dies before then, the herd ends up getting dispersed and the chick loses all milking rights and is on her own again.-Chicks who don’t/can’t give birth are considered worthless and barren.-Libon -...
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