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Unformatted text preview: Palgae Forms (Hyung or Poomse) Forms are a pre arranged set of basic techniques designed to teach balance and coordination. The choreographed combinations of blocking, striking, kicking and movement will become the next stage of development, after learning their basic techniques. If your basic techniques were like the “alphabet” of Taekwondo, containing the individual motions, forms would be more like simple sentences and basic words. Throughout the forms training, a student develops their “penmanship.” Forms training are demanding both physically and mentally. In addition to strong basic techniques, concentration and memory are both important to perform the forms correctly. They have also been called a form of “moving meditation.” Palgae Forms The system of forms that we will focus on in class is the Palgae forms. The names of the Palgae forms stem from the I Ching. In the I Ching the universe is broken down into 8 combinations of forces. Each of the Palgae forms symbolizes and is named for these combinations....
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