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Homework Assignments in MyMathLab General Information Before you start, you will need Course ID: Student Access Code: Valid Email address that you check regularly : System Requirements Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista ™ (Macs and Linux are not supported.) Browers: Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 (Netscape, Firefox, AOL, and other browsers not supported.) If you do not own a computer that meets these system requirements, you will need to do your homework in the Mathematics Computer Lab (MacQuarrie Hall 221). Either enroll in Math 110L or pay $25 to access the computer lab. Lab hours: Mon &Thurs 0900-1700, Tues & Wed 0900-1900, Fri 0900-1400. Software Requirements ActiveX MathXL Player Media Plug-ins o QuickTime Player o Adobe Flash Player o Adobe Reader Note: TestGen plug-in is not required in this course. You must have administrator rights on the computer you are using (that is, you must be free to download and install software.) The MyMathLab Installation Wizard will take you through the download process. Getting Started Visit http://mymathlab.com/getting_started.html for helpful information to get you up and running in a snap. Take a Tour Visit http://mymathlab.com/tours.html to get a taste of what it’s like to learn mathematics using MyMathLab, with their video tours and demos. Getting Help Visit http://mymathlab.com/contactus_stu.html for online assistance. o
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Homework_Assignments_in_MyMathLab - Homework Assignments in...

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