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PSYC 114 - Saying Goodbye

PSYC 114 - Saying Goodbye - unfinished business(e.g legal...

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PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Psychology of Aging Dr. Tina Camagna Saying Goodbye Dying people are very comforted by visits from family and close friends. Sit close; your touch can be powerfully important. Listen and empathize. Allow the person to feel anger, hopelessness, guilt, and/or fear. Encourage pleasant reminiscing. View photographs and personal effects. Discuss happy times, and laugh together! Ask the dying person how you can help him or her to complete any
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Unformatted text preview: unfinished business (e.g., legal, spiritual, emotional) Offer to contact other people. • Tell the person what you will miss most about him or her. Bring a smile to the person’s face by mentioning one or two special qualities that he or she holds. • Take time to thank the person for something they did for you, or something you learned from them. • Do not pass up the opportunity to express your love and your sincere goodbye....
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