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Car Wash Partners - Mr Cabot Brown Thank you for choosing...

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Mr. Cabot Brown, Thank you for choosing me as your investment consultant in the case of Car Wash Partners. It is with great honor that I give to you my analysis. After researching the company and the proposed investors as well as the car wash market it is the opinion of me and my firm that you should go forward with your investment of $5.6 million in CWP. We also believe you should partner with Bessemer Ventures in this deal to gain their expertise and experience to further ensure the success of Mr. Tom Curtis and Car Wash Partners. The decision to invest should only be executed if Bessemer goes in as your partner. Bessemer brings to the table over a hundred years of investing experience. With this experience comes vast numbers of allies and partners. These partners and connections that Bessemer has formed over the years will be vital to the next round of financing for CWP. Bessemer themselves averages $50-$60 million invested per year and it is foreseeable that if CWP does begin to take off that Bessemer would be interested in adding to their $1 million initial investment. Mr. Burgin, the partner with Bessemer who you have been working with is a crucial piece to this deal. He and Mr. Curtis have worked together before and have been friends for many years. Mr. Burgin will be useful in negotiating terms, extracting vital data, and maintaining a
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Car Wash Partners - Mr Cabot Brown Thank you for choosing...

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