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ZOO 115: Invertebrate Zoology Spring 2010 Poster Assignment 1 Purpose: In this assignment, you will select a particular habitat, identify specific challenges for living in that habitat, select diverse taxa found in the habitat and illustrate the adaptations of the different taxa to the same challenge. Format: The information will be displayed in a poster (27in x 40in). You will need to make sure that you include your name and contact information.
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Unformatted text preview: The title should include the habitat designation. Grading: The grading rubric is as follows: Content (45 pts) Specify the environmental challenge Illustrate adaptations to the challenge for 3-4 different taxa Provide references Appearance (20 pts) Quality Conciseness Attention grabbing Ease of reading Clarity (10 pts) Organization (20 pts) Contact information (5 pts)...
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