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Anth/Soci/Psych 193, Behavioral Science Synthesis Worksheet Underline or Highlight the topic assigned to your team: K-12 pedagogy, teacher-family relations, and counseling immigration and less-than-optimal schools the ecology of “individual” achievement policy implications and the workforce 1. Brainstorm drawing on what you know from the Disciplinary Assessment. 2. Mine the book, Learning a New Land 3. Reflect on your own learning experiences Focus on the question: What kinds of social problems or intellectual problems can be addressed using the full range of behavioral science
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Unformatted text preview: perspectives? Distinctive contributions of Anthropology . (methods, perspective, knowledge) Distinctive contributions of Sociology (methods, perspective, knowledge) Distinctive contributions of Psychology (methods, perspective, knowledge) Knowledge generated by combining all disciplines (methods, perspective, knowledge) Your experiences combining the fields...
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