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bus188KwanQuiz1F08 - ou oF NIG A rAcro(y"i^is-ra...

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BUS4188 06 Professor Kwan cessary) attener/, forces that could potentially further impact tJ r Ft f I N("( €,12N e"l s l.4ALr-Gl2- tlt caulS y' Aree AcJ6ssl.sLF MOUSg \lr{Ict\ MAhFs -?-*(G 1!cfir,r.i Gt=t>ps asrr: SLraurcr\ A-I rfl{I c- 1.166 O= A e\ :soBS ^ u)t-\\cq APe- oFF-SHofacrl To iTErlecopr lqG r' couN(TQ l&lS 0ECAUSE. gr cC-1,1 :EFtrccTrVtl.t tE\ what were some of the comfeEiive rorcEs in ptiy'wrren vo, rna your group were analyzing the potential market for ,,personal computing devices,,? (20) Sor4€ ar- Tlti eonq\(r,rrue 6eceS TAAa @€ 1*o tyLw) ur eyz E sogs(r [email protected] oe saHerL \,&so*ne coupurrNa ?evrc€s.*J$--oua cAS€ Fol?- h(Au(A^TroN . svsre^{J (rArt5try'-rNgfAt€D \ ru€ ut t,LDeD f:o"y,,,\t /k_ -,_T ^ ^ 1o-g).1(0 rq, pfto; 0c-; - ,Qr.ous Lr I r rs A\\ AFrofzuAar.Er co^(t).1 ^iI''?;o,,, .u,!tol'ri;. t' Coqr u O F.lEp AFre,A_ llUyCnS L,r.lOUu r: OpT
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Unformatted text preview: ou{ oF NIG A rAcro (y "i^is-ra LL€o N,.\) tahTb, sYS(eM. n*.rrrrr-:^' -*-----. .-= lN ou€_ Axt,+LYeoD drst-i-Na coLtyl€rtro(z! yif?i -,#.? te:'. .i,i*;-.J?F. ?ilF" aEr'terLAe lure2 r\ t^-roucD R€ eia cr&ea"ili fta€48 BOyaos Nu eo rS Aust,- , 1.a D" arAnr r ?"_.,ni" * g{(,<J 3' What strategy did your group considered for adoption and what were the justifications? (20) --->> (rzot)uc_v A ,\tAurqAftont. Re iut o R€ Co \ ( - FFFeCvl vg-coucp eeclFr4rs _-B.ry -/,"''PF#.1PF?!a;? ;?" MAN(o€A1= .t-rrer€( L\K6 cahz '-co10TA, roAS; t\)Hrcri ''r 3-TIJe- ONcy wA.g rue Co( rD So€Urt/tJ lH SuC{_\ Ar.l ecTA(3-,rs rr-r P/ M hrtwgr Gu {o r oCU\ oN Prz dz wFr A-r'MAKES----sutz Al AOVA'*\CGI2 a?-e{rttro t OC-r t c s rstCcfrQPo(zA- Ar? trl fQC NAU SyS -1 6l''t t+t AJ r-LC-,r-\ t r -., t?€ Zfee C Arg72-t O C ot-tJ UMg'fl-f v-,'...
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