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Ancient Greek Philosophy Chronology 2

Ancient Greek Philosophy Chronology 2 - Ancient Greek...

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Ancient Greek Philosophy Chronology This was compiled from these sources in 2004 A Detailed Chronology of Greek History Collected and Compiled by Charlie Kyriacou http://www.filetron.com/grkmanual/detailgreekchrono.html Chronology Project Timeline by Dr. Hume. http://www.udayton.edu/~hume/timeline.htm Ancient Rhetoric: An Annotated Chronology by Zulick http://www.wfu.edu/~zulick/300/300chron.html 585 Thales of Miletus predicts solar eclipse 582 Pythian games established in Delphi and Isthmian games established in Corinth 581 to 497 Pythagoras of Samos, mathematician and religious leader; lived in Sicily 580 to 570 Solon reforms Athenian constitution and the laws. 1) Athens did not establish colonies in the sixth century, land was overtilled, farmers forced to borrow from rich using their person as security; when could not pay loans, were "enslaved," forced to till landowners land for five-sixth return to landowner. People revolted and Solon banned loans by personal security. 2) standardized weights, measures and minted coins 3) Replaced birth with wealth as the qualification for political office. Before Solon, board of nine archons, elective officials, ruled Athens. Solon divided Athenian citizens into four property classes which established each class¹s political privileges and established the Council of 400, 100 member from each of the four Athenian hereditary tribes, along with the nine archons to administer the state. Archons, members of top property class, chosen by lot out of candidates previously chosen by tribes. Council of 400 acted as steering group for business to be brought up at assembly. Members of top three tribes could bear arms if they had weapons. All four classes included in Athenian assembly and as a juror. 4) committed to writing customary laws 5) created law courts 575 A sixth century inscription implies that Hios had a 'democratic' council of 50 member council from each tribes and an aristocratic council 573 Nemean games established at Cleonae between Sicyon and Argos 570 First coins minted by Athens 561 Peisistratus first attempt at tyranny in Athens that lasted four years
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556 Peisistratus second failed attempt to take over Athens that lasted a few months 549 to 546 Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, conquers Medes, Lydia and Greek city-states in Asia Minor 546 to 527 Peisistratus takes over Athens with private wealth, foreign support and wide- based Athenian support; rules as "benevolent" tyrant in Athens 546 to 479 Persian Wars 546 Spartans gains leadership over most of Peloponese; formed the Peloponnesean League 540 Persians overcome Greek cities in Asia Minor which pay tribute and a tyrant supported by the Persians to control the city. 528 to 510
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Ancient Greek Philosophy Chronology 2 - Ancient Greek...

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