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Final Project - December 15, 2008 Analysis Project...

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December 15, 2008 Analysis Project Quantitative Business Analysis Description and Importance For this project I will be analyzing the question whether to continue my education and get a Masters in Finance or to start work right after I finish my Bachelors degree. I will make some assumptions and use probabilities to determine which would be the best route. I will rank the jobs from one to six in order of desirability and show their utility in my personal views. It is important for me because my goal in life is to provide a comfortable life for my wife and family. If I finished my Bachelor’s degree I could either continue my education by attempting to finish my Masters degree or I could decide to get a job right after graduating. I will continue to discuss these thoughts in the solution procedure of the project. Solution Procedure I set up a decision tree to show the utilities of the different routes that could occur in this analysis. I assumed some of the probabilities such as the probability of completing my Masters, failing my Masters, and the different probabilities for
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after succeeding or failing. After putting in the assumptions I started to calculate the utility values of each path to determine which would end up being the best choice. I assumed that the probability of me completing my MBA is 80% and failing
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Final Project - December 15, 2008 Analysis Project...

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