298 Written Assignment 2 Fall 2009 Directions

298 Written Assignment 2 Fall 2009 Directions - SAN JOS...

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1 SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Social Work ScWk 298 Fall 2009 Edward Cohen, Ph.D. Written Assignment #2 Introduction and Literature Review Due: 10/12/09 Please write in no more than 8 pages total: *** The title page, references, and appendices ARE NOT included in the page limit I. Your REVISED introduction which includes (4 points): A. Description of your research problem, B. Brief background to this issue, C. A specific research statement, and D. Relevance of your specific topic to social work (think about the relevance from a transcultural perspective) E. Note that you should move your hypothesis and research question to the end of the literature review. F. Please do NOT include the methods information II. Your literature review which includes (12 points): A. Background – A discussion of your population and the issue you are addressing in the context of this group. 1. If possible, bring in U.S. Census data, or other national, state, or county data that can provide a context for understanding your population or your topic. 2. Consider providing brief historical information. If you are focusing on a policy or practice, consider providing background on the development of the policy or practice from an historical perspective. When did the policy or practice begin and how has it evolved? If you are focusing on a social problem, when it begin, and how has it evolved? 3. Avoid redundancy—using several references to say the same thing. This section can be fairly brief.
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2 B. Body of Lit Review (subheadings) 1. Theory – Identifying and explaining a specific theory and exactly how it provides a foundation and explanation of the issue and factors you are studying. For evaluation studies, the theory should explain why the intervention under study should result in positive outcomes or results. The theory section provides a framework for understanding your topic. One theory is plenty! Please make sure to clearly define the theory you are using and a rationale for why and how it applies to your topic. Use primary source references whenever possible—not survey textbooks (such as the Hutchison). 2. Other subheadings of literature review Logical subheadings arranged according to dimensions of variables or themes Explains with evidence (i.e., an integrated review of relevant literature) the connection between the independent and dependent variable consistent with your hypothesis (if you are study is primarily quantitative) and/or how the themes relate to your research question (if you it is primarily qualitative). The current status of the specific topic in the professional knowledge base, limitations of previous studies related to your topic, and how your proposed study will make a contribution to what is already known about your topic. III.
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298 Written Assignment 2 Fall 2009 Directions - SAN JOS...

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