Lecture_on_Religious_fundamentalism - Mumbai massacre...

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Mumbai massacre India’s version of 9/11 10 Pakistani’s are believed to be responsible for the attack Media’s portrayal Only wanted to know about the “terrorist” muslims Desensitized the situation to the public Showed the same images of burning buildings for hours upon hours Did not let knowledgeable people speak about underlying issues, only wanted to high light the violence Not informing the public and keeping them ignorant is a form of terrorism What is terrorism? It is hard to pin point an exact definition of what a terrorist is More of a perception and from whose point of view? Many people have been labeled as terrorists without and evidence, just because of name or religious orientation Killing innocent people Putting people in power in countries to serve our interests “maximum city” book to read Mumbai Has been center of attack by extremist because it is to impure 1. Everybody’s identity is multi dimensional, built on multiple variables, age,sex gender, profession, sexuality, and so on. 2.
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Lecture_on_Religious_fundamentalism - Mumbai massacre...

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