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Worksheet Page: ______ RD#:_____________ Date:______________ LAB#:_____________ Analyst:____________ Batch # ____________ QC Lot#:______ Profiler Plus and/or COfiler Sample/CE Set-up Standards and Controls : 1) Reagent Blank: as specified in the extraction procedure used 2) Substrate Control: if used in the extraction process 3) QC sample: one required per case 4) Positive Amplification Control: extracted DNA of specific, known type supplied with the Profiler Plus or COfiler Typing kit plus amplification reagents; 5) Negative Amplification Control: Profiler Plus or COfiler amplification reagents, but no added DNA __1. Remove samples from the refrigerator/freezer and allow thawing if necessary. Remove the Blue Ice trays from the freezer. Turn on thermal cycler and run File No. 13. (File 13 is programmed at 95 o C for 999 minutes.) __2. Prepare a GS-500 Internal Size Standard Master Mix solution as follows: (#Samples_____ +2 = _____) X 26 μ L de-ionized formamide = ________ μ L
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