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Assignment3 ecolfootprt - makes such a big impact. What can...

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NuFS 139 1/5/10 Assignment #3 – Ecological Footprint 30 pts This exercise asks you to calculate your own ecological footprint. Use this website: 1. Define the term “ecological footprint” or “carbon footprint”. 2. Itemize your ecological footprint. What is the greatest contributor to it? Housing? Food? Transportation? How does your carbon footprint compare to the average in this country? 3. On average, food is 25% of the carbon footprint. Explain why food
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Unformatted text preview: makes such a big impact. What can you do to reduce the contribution food makes to your carbon footprint? 4. Describe 3 changes you can make to reduce your footprint, then recalculate your footprint and discuss the significance of those changes. Your report should be 2 pages long. Include printouts of the Quiz Results in your report. Include a) the number of earths needed to support everyone at your level of consumption, b) Footprint by consumption category, and c) Footprint by biome....
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