Lecture4 - EDSE 224, Lecture 4 Terms: (use overhead)...

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EDSE 224, Lecture 4 Terms: (use overhead) Code-Switching: When the learner switches from one language to the other in the same statement (intrasentential), or in a paragraph (intersentential). Contextualization: Providing a visual or linguistic context to support an expression, or a communication effort. Negative Transfer : When the learner uses phonetic or grammatical elements or structures, from the native language, to express or communicate in the second or target language. Appropriate instruction and modifications for second language learners with and without disabilities at the Beginners’ Stage Learners at the Beginners Stage include: 1. Those who cannot articulate a word or whose articulation is so inconsistent with the rules of the target language that people cannot figure out what they are trying to indicate or request (Level I ). The first level is known as Pre-Production or Silent Period.
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2. Included in this stage are learners who articulate a few words in isolation and/or in short phrases requiring that the listener study the context to derive the message (Level II). The second level is the Early Production or Telegraphic Period. What does a learner at the Pre-Production or Silent Period look like and sound like? Learners at this stage, in both levels, rely heavily on body language and knowledge of the native language. In Level I, there is almost 100% reliance on body language if the listener is not familiar
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Lecture4 - EDSE 224, Lecture 4 Terms: (use overhead)...

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