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San Jose State University School of Nursing NURS 147A Community-based Mental Health Meeting- an observational experience Student’s Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:________________ Due date: April 10, 2007 Assignment: 1. Select a community-based support group or 12 step meeting related to mental health. 2. Contact the facilitator of the meeting and ask permission to attend. Identify yourself as a San Jose State nursing student. 3. Prepare a brief report (1-2 pages) of your experience. Include the following information listed below. The name of the organization, name of the meeting, type of meeting, date, time, and place of
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Unformatted text preview: meeting. Write a brief summary of what happened at the meeting. What was your impression of the group? What was your impression of the group facilitator? What do you believe was the purpose and goal of the meeting and was it met? Reflect upon and describe the feelings you experienced while attending the meeting. What did you learn? Be prepared to share your experience at a clinical post conference. 9/8/2010- Nursing 147A- Community-based Mental Health Meeting...
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