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San Jose State University School of Nursing NURS 147A Community-based Mental Health Meeting- an observational experience Student’s Name:_____________________________________________________ Date:________________ Due date: April 10, 2007 Assignment: 1. Select a community-based support group or 12 step meeting related to mental health. 2. Contact the facilitator of the meeting and ask permission to attend. Identify yourself as a San Jose State nursing student. 3. Prepare a brief report (1-2 pages) of your experience. Include the following information listed below. The name of the organization, name of the meeting, type of meeting, date, time, and place of
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Unformatted text preview: meeting. • Write a brief summary of what happened at the meeting. • What was your impression of the group? • What was your impression of the group facilitator? • What do you believe was the purpose and goal of the meeting and was it met? • Reflect upon and describe the feelings you experienced while attending the meeting. • What did you learn? • Be prepared to share your experience at a clinical post conference. 9/8/2010- Nursing 147A- Community-based Mental Health Meeting...
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