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Gender_and_Community_Project_Groups - Nate Smith...

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Gender and Community Project Groups *These will be your team members for the entire semester; please make friends and exchange e-mail addresses so you can start developing project ideas and beginning your project plans. Group 1 Jo Curtis Chris Temblador Ashlee Garrett Kannadi Ridenour Danilo Murillo Anges Matter-Dang Group 2 Belen Sighu Caitlin Hancock Brenda Ochoa Leland Nelson Jose Duarte Sina Feng Group 3 Sabrina Calloway Brittney Reyes Candice Eve Laurel
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Unformatted text preview: Nate Smith Melody-Anne Bracken Johnny James Huston Group 4 Amber Svedsen Dashana Jones Kipcia Mendoza Alexandra Shamma Brittany Trice Tobias Mcgowan Group 5 Sara Hunter Ruthie Kuchevsky Rosa Em Jamie Locascio Melissa Beebe Kyle Addison Group 6 Patricia Valle Jacara Rayon Brett Butler Robert Arzu Adrienne Metivier Shana Birly Group 7 Derek Matsui Megan Cross Lindsey Davies Rosemary Maire Geanna Holmes...
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  • American film actors, American television actors, Tobias Mcgowan Group, Lindsey Davies Rosemary Maire Geanna Holmes Patricia Valle Jacara Rayon, Arzu Adrienne Metivier, Sabrina Calloway Brittney

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