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LEAI,NING OBJECTIVES Afts sbrdyinq this chadf, you shdld be able to j 1 articul.b how insUfubons and resources aflect allian€s and ecquisitjons 2 gain insighE into the fqmatjon, evolution, and performance of alliances 3 unds#nd the motiv6 and perforcnce of acquisitions 4, pafticipab in two leding debatE o alliances and acquisibons 5 draw imdicatids fq.cti@ ALLIANCES AND ACQUISITIONS strategic alliances - voluntary agreements between flrms involving exchange, sharing, or co-developing of products, technologies, or serylces contra ctual ( no[erolgt€d ) alliances - co-marketing, research and strategic suppliers, strategic distributors, and I nrvmErYorsrlArocAurAmrs CdbxluJ iMqttt M SN! ag!i: d*6ra bdru \.l,si\0hS' U {i (irC'.rXr<tno'r< g3gu UqA \r.(fu- \h*-- \)l\c1r^S - uJL' \\ 11.rrSu.SW.S. .if ALLIANCES AND ACQUISITIONS eq u iW-based a I I ia nces - strategic ln vestrnenu one paatner lnvests ln another \rI\ mergei - ernent of two flrms fra\
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Institutions, Alliances, and Acquisitions formal institutions - set of forrnal legal and regulatory frameworks lmpactlng : (1) antltrust concerns (2) entry mode requirements infgrmal institutions - imitation drives nEny alllance/acqulsitlon decislons yet some firms rush lnto alliances and acqulsitlons wlthout adequate due dlligence and then get burned AND ACQUISIT]ONs i$t$*\e RESOURCES AND ALLIANCES vRIo Framework Value alliances - must create value by reducing -'cGts, rlsks, and uncertainties real option - lnvestrnent in real operations as opposed to flnanclal capltal learning race - sltuatbn ln whlch pad!el9-4i.!Lto by the other acquisition premium - difference betwe€n the
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Ch12SlidewandNotes - LEAI,NING OBJECTIVES Afts sbrdyinq...

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