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Physics 50 Proficiency Test 4.sample (Time: 15 minutes) 25 points By Todd Sauke Name ________________________ Section # ________ We have seen that vector quantities can be added to and subtracted from one another. Vector quantities can also be multiplied. We study two fundamental types of vector products in Physics 50, the scalar (or "dot") product and the vector (or "cross") product. The dot product of two vectors (" a b ") has a scalar result. The cross product of two vectors (" a x b ") has a vector result, with the resultant vector perpendicular to the plane containing the source vectors. By convention, the cross product relies on a "right hand rule" to establish the resultant direction. What is the dot product of the vectors a and b if the magnitude of a is 11, the magnitude of b is 5, and the angle between them is 64º? a b = __________________ For what value of angle between a and b would the dot product be maximized? (circle one below)
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Physics_50_Proficiency_Test_4s - Physics 50 Proficiency...

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