CH3Notes - in the group b. Some differences for the benefit...

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9/16/2008 Justice How world’s goods are distributed. 5 Rival Principles of distribution - to each an equal share – not fair - to each according to individual need – people are greedy - to each according to personal effort – could work - to each according to social contribution – not fair, some are born as poor - to each according to merit – who gets to decide what we deserve Rival Principle of Justice 1. Utilitarianism – Rights are to give benefit as a whole. 2. Libertarianism – no on taxes 3. Egalitarianism - we all have rights for being a human, nothing could take that away from us. Peter Singer - some times hated for the ideas of animal rights and baby rights - Utilitarian, feels that the life of a healthy ape’s life is more valuable than a disabled child’s life. - We ought to prevent to some absolute poverty - We can do something so we ought to. Robert Nozick - John Rawls - Political Theorist - Egalitarianism - Equal!!! - Two Principles a. Same basic rights and duties – because there is no difference in the people
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Unformatted text preview: in the group b. Some differences for the benefit give authority to keep order. Rules to keep every one equal-Rawls on Utilitarianism Unequal treatment is ok by utilitarianism as long as it benefits the whole-Rawls on Libertarianism if you do not have the capacity to enjoy the liberty, liberty means almost nothing to them, which is not fair. Midterm Video Tuesday, short answer question in the midterm CH2 six stages of moral development dont need to know Different moral theories and the person that represents the theories Common sense morality Utilitarianism You cannot lie to save a life CH3 Religion is not a base for morality religion is not clear on morality Soccer game and pizza is conduct of business same as a game? if no one knows that happen it is ok? Or does it have farther consequences. Code of ethics is it ok to correct what seems to be wrong. Although it is not your field of profession....
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CH3Notes - in the group b. Some differences for the benefit...

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