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CH3Notes - in the group b Some differences for the benefit...

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9/16/2008 Justice How world’s goods are distributed. 5 Rival Principles of distribution - to each an equal share – not fair - to each according to individual need – people are greedy - to each according to personal effort – could work - to each according to social contribution – not fair, some are born as poor - to each according to merit – who gets to decide what we deserve Rival Principle of Justice 1. Utilitarianism – Rights are to give benefit as a whole. 2. Libertarianism – no on taxes 3. Egalitarianism - we all have rights for being a human, nothing could take that away from us. Peter Singer - some times hated for the ideas of animal rights and baby rights - Utilitarian, feels that the life of a healthy ape’s life is more valuable than a disabled child’s life. - We ought to prevent to some absolute poverty - We can do something so we ought to. Robert Nozick - John Rawls - Political Theorist - Egalitarianism - Equal!!! - Two Principles a. Same basic rights and duties – because there is no difference in the people
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Unformatted text preview: in the group b. Some differences for the benefit – give authority to keep order. Rules to keep every one equal-Rawls on Utilitarianism – Unequal treatment is ok by utilitarianism as long as it benefits the whole-Rawls on Libertarianism – if you do not have the capacity to enjoy the liberty, liberty means almost nothing to them, which is not fair. Midterm Video – Tuesday, short answer question in the midterm CH2 six stages of moral development – don’t need to know Different moral theories and the person that represents the theories Common sense morality Utilitarianism You cannot lie to save a life – CH3 Religion is not a base for morality – religion is not clear on morality Soccer game and pizza – is conduct of business same as a game? – if no one knows that happen it is ok? Or does it have farther consequences. Code of ethics – is it ok to correct what seems to be wrong. Although it is not your field of profession....
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CH3Notes - in the group b Some differences for the benefit...

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