Bus188F08Quiz2 - BUS 188 Fall 08 Professor Kwan, Quiz2 20...

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BUS 188 Fall 08 Professor Kwan, Quiz2 Closed Books and Notes 20 minutes Name: Coun ?Ru vor Read the email below from Steve Ballmer (CEO Microsoft) and (on back of this test) explain "cloud computing" and "virtualization" in layman's term to your manager. From: Sent: To: Subject: Steve Ballmer Isballmer@microsoft.com] Tuesday, October 28,2008 2:41 PM kwan, stephen A Platform for the Next Technology Re During the past decade, a dramatic transformation in the world of information technology has been taking shape. It's a transformation that will change the way we experience the world and share our experiences with others. It's a transformation in which the barriers between technologies will fall away so we can connect to people and information no matter where we are. It's a transformation where new innovations will shorten the path from inspiration to accomplishment. Many of the components of this transformation are already in place. Some have received a great deal of attention. "Cloud computing" that connects people to vast amounts of storage and computing power in massive datacenters is one example. Social networking sites that have changed the way people connect with family and friends is another. Other components are so much a paft of the inevitable march of progress that we take them for granted as soon as we start to use them: cell phones that double as digital cameras, large flat-screen PC monitors and HD TV screens, and hands-free digital car entertainment and navigation systems, to name
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Bus188F08Quiz2 - BUS 188 Fall 08 Professor Kwan, Quiz2 20...

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