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Answered Questions 1. How is my grade decided? The requirements for your grade are on the syllabus. Quizzes, homework, portfolios, journals, presentations, events, in class work and participation are all part of your grade. Your portfolio work grade is based on originality, focus and clarity. The revision counts a great deal towards your portfolio grade. Did you complete the assignment? 2. What do I turn in to you? Quizzes, in class work, portfolios and journals. These last two are marked on the syllabus. See what comprises the portfolio there. Journals are turned in as per the dates on the syllabus. There is a portfolio for each genre section of the class. 3. What about Journal Exercises? Journal Exercises are like exercises for the body in prep for a race. They strengthen and hone your writing skills. I look at these when I look at your journal.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. I missed turnitin or didn’t turn it all in. What do I do? There is a folder for those of you who missed that. The system will only accept one file. You have to put all the materials in one file and then submit. 5. Can I just turn in handwritten stuff? No. The poems brought to the groups listed on the syllabus are typed. The architecture of a poem is not clear unless it is typed. All portfolios are typed material. 6. What goes in the journal? See the syllabus. It will include not only observations and journal exercises, but all your in class work and quizzes, which I will return to you weekly. 7. What’s the point of the in class work? These are done to keep you agile as a writer. They provide possible material for what you turn in to me in your portfolio....
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