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Physics 52 Proficiency Test 3(Sample) (Time: 10 minutes) 25 points By Todd Sauke Name ________________________ Section # ________ One liter of an ideal gas, initially at one atmosphere pressure and 20 °C, is isothermally compressed to a volume of 0.15 liters. What is the final temperature of the gas, in both degrees Celsius and kelvins? [The gas constant, R is 8.314 J /(mol K) = 0.0821 L atm/(mol K)] ______________________ °C ______________________ °K How many moles of gas are being compressed? ______________________ mol
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Unformatted text preview: By how much does the internal energy of the gas change? ______________________ J What is the final pressure of the gas? ____________________________ atm How much work is done by the gas during this compression? (Note units!) ____________________________ J How much heat enters the gas during this process? ____________________________ J If the compression were to be done isobarically, how much work would be done on the gas during compression from 1 liter to 0.15 liters? _____________________________ J...
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