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physicalactivity[1] - Factors that affect physical...

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Factors that affect physical activity - Geographic location (city dwellers are more active) Gender (men more active) Education levels (higher educated individuals more active) Ethnicity correlates with activity level Physical Activity Benefits Better Mood-exercise makes people feel good by increasing energy, increases concentration & alertness. It also decreases anxiety & stress Endorphins- elevated brain chemical known as the “runners high” are released during prolonged exercise. Exercise is known for treatment of depression & anxiety disorders! Longer life-exercise strengthens the heart and lungs Exercise even without weight loss! Lungs increase their vital capacity & can take in more oxygen. Increased circulation by conditioning the heart (lowers heart rate & blood pressure) Decreased heart attack, strokes Healthier bones-decreases bone loss & increases bone density with regular weight bearing exercise. Helps prevent osteoporosis.
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