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HISTORY 210b—SPRING 2010 UNITED STATES HISTORY, 1780-1900 Hill HISTORIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY EXAMINATION DUE MAY 20 This writing assignment, worth thirty percent of the course grade, will be a typed (double- spaced) historiographical essay of approximately twelve pages. Pick up a copy of the handout called “Requirements for the Plan B Examination in United States History--2007” from the History Department office (DMH 134). Choose either two books or one book and two articles from one of the sections of the reading list that we have covered in this course and compare those works with the assigned reading from that section of the list. Some examples: if you select section 9 of Part I of the list, you might compare Nash and Royster (two books) to Wood or you might compare Nash, Lemisch, and Maier (one book and two articles) to Wood if you select section 11 of Part I of the list, you might compare Johnson and Stevenson (two books) to Clinton or you might compare Schwartz, King, and Stevenson (one book
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