ENVS_1_PDF - the solution to such problems Given this...

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Environmental Studies 1 Formal Paper One: The Ecological Footprint of a Nation Class Objective : 1. Use Academic Search Premier database to find a peer-reviewed article on the ecological footprint of a specific nation or world region. Keywords for Searching “Ecological Footprint: 1. energy consumption 2. ?? 3. ?? 4. ?? 5. ??
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Sample Search from Academic Search Premier
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Sample Result from a Search in Academic Search Premier with Labels Title (of article): Students as catalysts of environmental change: a framework for researching intergenerational influence through environmental education. Authors: Ballantyne, Roy Connell, Sharon Fien, John Source (Journal): Environmental Education Research; Jul2006, Vol. 12 Issue 3/4, p413-427, 15p Abstract: Many environmental problems are desperately in need of attention. Educating both adults and young people is seen as part of
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Unformatted text preview: the solution to such problems. Given this situation, and the already considerable investment in environmental education in schools, the notion of encouraging students to initiate environmental discussions with adults at home and in the community seems attractive and worthy of investigation. To this end, this paper critically reviews education and social science literature concerning intergenerational influence. An approach is outlined to guide future efforts in research and programme development aimed at encouraging students’ to act as catalysts of environmental communication and learning beyond school boundaries. Find the Full Text of an Article from Academic Search Premier GETTEXT LINK PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text Links...
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ENVS_1_PDF - the solution to such problems Given this...

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