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Ken Nuger, Political Science 020: Controversial Legal Issues Research paper and critical thinking evaluation guidelines and requirements Research Paper (20 points substance, 5 points style, 25 points total) 1. Construct a title page, with a creative title that captures the essence of the paper, including, perhaps, its point of view. Of course, include your name, class, date, etc. 2. In no less than five, but no more than six pages, not including the title page or bibliography, develop your paper topic. Introduce it, develop your arguments and offer evidence to support your views. Your paper must include a reference to at least one court case that may seem reasonable to use to help make sense of your topic. The case can be one that is directly associated with your topic, or if none exists, some past case or cases that might help you better understand, or take a position on your topic. The point to this is to have you logically argue how there is or could be some legal basis to justify your point of view. Also, your paper must attempt to logically argue your position. Attempt to find some type of scholarly or scientific evidence that addresses how your point of view either helps or hurts our society. Are there any studies that support your point of view? The strongest arguments are often those supported by scientific evidence. If your point of view is not supported by scientific or empirical observation, then explain why you believe your point of view is still meritorious, even if there is no scientific or otherwise logical support for it? If you are unable to find any scholarly or scientific evidence,
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Cli_paper_and_critical_thinking_guidelines - Ken Nuger,...

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