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NURS 204 Phyllis M. Connolly PhD, APRN-BC, CS Chia-Ling Mao, PhD, RN-C Sample Test Questions For Individual Poster Presentation 1. Which of the following behaviors most demonstrates an example of an advanced practice nurse functioning in the role of advocacy for an individual who has not acculturated to the modern “American” culture? a.) Conducting an educational class on culturally competence care for an orientation program for new graduates. b.) Responding to a request from staff in the hospice program for interventions for dealing with a “difficult” Chinese-American family. c.) Performing a physical assessment for a newly admitted Mexican-American patient? d.) Using analogies while sharing information about an Arab-American patient to staff. e.) Serving as the Chair for the organization’s Cultural Competency Committee. 2. The family of a Chinese-American woman instructs the advanced practice nurse
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