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San Jose State University Spring Semester 2009 RelS/Anth 148 Dr. Mira Z. Amiras R ELIGION AND A NTHROPOLOGY COVER SHEET FOR ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS Paper N o . Name: Please write legibly!! 1. Describe one approach, theory or method your author employs in his/her book. 2. Test your author’s methodology, theory or approach on something that you know well (ritual / film / belief / custom / practice / current event, etc). Try to have fun with this! 3. How does your understanding of the subject matter change when you apply your author’s theory or methodology? 4. How does your understanding of your author’s approach change after you have attempted to use his/her ideas? 5. What contribution does the application of this theory or methodology make and what might be some of the consequences of utilizing your author’s ideas? Give at least one brief example. 6. Include a Bibliography and list any other sources at the end of your paper. See Course Guidelines for formatting, writing and research questions.
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